Export data from Microsoft SQL Server table to JSON using PowerShell

In previous post I wrote about exporting data from Microsoft SQL server table to CSV file. Export to JSON format is similar:

Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance . -Database AdventureWorks -Query "SELECT TOP 3 AccountNumber, Name, CreditRating FROM Purchasing.Vendor" `
    | Select-Object AccountNumber, Name, CreditRating `
    | ConvertTo-Json `
    | Out-File -FilePath Vendor.json -Encoding utf8

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Content of exported JSON file is:

        "AccountNumber":  "AUSTRALI0001",
        "Name":  "Australia Bike Retailer",
        "CreditRating":  1
        "AccountNumber":  "ALLENSON0001",
        "Name":  "Allenson Cycles",
        "CreditRating":  2
        "AccountNumber":  "ADVANCED0001",
        "Name":  "Advanced Bicycles",
        "CreditRating":  1

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