Backup Microsoft SQL Server database using PowerShell

During development we need often create backup of Microsoft SQL Server database. Performing this task using SSMS UI dialog is slow and time consuming activity. This task can be automatized by following PowerShell script:

    [string] $databaseName = $(throw "Database name is required"),
    [string] $backupToDir = ".",
    [bool] $shrinkLogFile = $true

Import-Module SQLPS

if ($backupToDir -eq ".")
    $backupToDir = (Get-Item .).FullName + "\Backups\"

    if (-not (Test-Path $backupToDir))
        New-Item -Path $backupToDir -ItemType Directory | Out-Null

if ($shrinkLogFile)
    $shrinkCommand = "DBCC SHRINKFILE (" + $databaseName + "_log, 0)"
    Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance . -Database $databaseName -Query $shrinkCommand | Out-Null

$now = (Get-date).ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss")
$backupCommand = "BACKUP DATABASE " + $databaseName + " TO DISK='" + $backupToDir + $databaseName + "_" + $now + ".bak' WITH COMPRESSION"

Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance . -Query $backupCommand

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The script shrinks database log file and backup is created with compression to decrease the size of backup file.

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