Manage Windows service using PowerShell

Windows service can be managed using few PowerShell cmdlets.

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Install Windows service into operating system:

New-Service -BinaryPathName .\PathTo\MyWinService.exe -Name MyWinService `
            -DisplayName "My Windows Service" -StartupType Automatic

List installed Windows services using wildcard:

Get-Service *my*

Get Windows service by name:

Get-Service MyWinService

Start Windows service:

Start-Service MyWinService


Get-Service MyWinService | Start-Service

Run Service Management Console to check in UI whether Windows service is installed and running:


Stop Windows service:

Stop-Service MyWinService


Get-Service MyWinService | Stop-Service

Uninstall Windows service from operating system in PowerShell 5.0 or previous:

(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Service -Filter "Name='MyWinService'").Delete()

Uninstall Windows service from operating system in PowerShell 6.0 or later:

Remove-Service MyWinService

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